Studio Location Now Available - 504 N. Fort Harrison Ave., Clearwater, FL 33755

My last blog promised that the next post (this one) would be about where to take your dog for a day or night out in the area. Sorry. Not going to do that just yet, but I will promise that a future blog will do just that! I just have to catch you up on what has happened since my last post.


I quickly discovered that Florida is HOT! Well, it wasn’t that big of a shock, but the long summer of 2019 was definitely an extremely hot summer and made it nearly impossible to take pictures outside. The humidity often caused lens fog even after letting my gear sit in the humidity and get acclimated. If I stood next to a body of water, a fountain, or anything like that, my lens would fog. I fogged, too! Then the fog would drip into my eyes to the point that I couldn’t see what was going on in my camera. Boo-hoo me, right? I know, I know. There could be bigger problems, so I will take my lumps! The pets didn’t like it much either! Their tongues were hanging out and just looked miserable at times!

I tell you all this because it helped me make a huge decision for the direction of my business in 2020. I thought about if for a while, tossed it around, kicked it down the road while trying to figure out how long summer really was here. Then one day, my husband, Tracy, drove us to Clearwater to show me where his new office would be. I already loved Clearwater and Dunedin, so we decided to look at potential studio locations. I found a few that I thought would work until we rounded the corner from Dunedin into Clearwater on N. Fort Harrison, and there it was! The perfect spot, clearly visible building that had the right kind of character and a FOR RENT sign in the window. I looked it up online, called and spoke with the owner and made an appointment to see it the next day. She was totally cool with me having dogs and animals in the space to photograph! I walked in the next day, fell in love with the space, and told her I wanted to lease the space!

So, here I sit at 504 N. Fort Harrison in Clearwater in the perfect space for me and my business. I still offer and love on-location shooting, but when the summer months roll around, I can now offer a more climatized environment for my clients and their fur babies. I hope you have a chance to see it soon! Stay tuned to Facebook for a Grand Opening announcement!

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