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Next stop, Florida …

Well, we made it! Sort of. While we were in the state of Florida, we would not be able to live in our house for another 8 weeks waiting for the house renovation to at least allow us the basic creature comforts. You know, things like running water, toilet facilities, and a place to sleep without construction mess. And so as I now sit in my new office (the only room that is 100% complete) jotting down my thoughts of our journey, I thought it would be helpful to share some pet topics for others moving to the sunshine state. The first topic … SAND SPURS!

I remember stickers in our pastures when I was a kid in the Midwest, but never anything quite as devilish as a sand spur! These little demons almost leap out from the grass on their own and attach themselves to whatever has hair or clothing and are a pain (in the literal sense) to get out of Dexter’s fur. First, he doesn’t want it on him, second he doesn’t want you to attempt the extraction, and third if they aren’t sticking to him, they are poking the heck out of you! So, we have quickly learned which lawns and areas to keep him off of in order to avoid them. Keeping his coat a bit shorter helps as well, but not always. I swear those burrs are evil!

My recommendations to every dog owner or dog walker is to check for burrs after each walk. The longer they are on the fur, the more they will embed themselves and the harder they are to get out. Wear leather or gardening gloves to remove the burrs in order to prevent getting poked yourself. I have read that a wide toothcomb is a good tool to help separate the hair thereby exposing the burr for easy removal. Whatever you do, don’t give the dog a bath while the burrs are lodged in their fur. That just makes the burr swell and stick even more. Coconut oil or a hair conditioner can be used as well to help detangle the hair, just start separating the hair first and work your way to the burr.

My next topic will be pet friendly places to take your trusted companion for a day or night outing. Stay tuned!

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