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Captured Moments

Picture of a Cute Dog Named Dexter

Have you ever squealed with glee when you encounter an adorable dog, or lose your breath just by being in the presence of a majestic horse? What was it about your own pet that caused you to take the plunge and adopt them into your family? It’s an indescribable connection between two souls where an extreme bond occurs, never to be broken. Let’s capture that connection and display it as stunning artwork for your home or office for all to see.

Picture of a women with her dog and horse

The passion she has for her work drives her to always attempt to make the photograph not from the external view of looking at the animal subject but from the view of the animal subject looking at the photographer. It is. It is not easy for the the animal to tell its story as if the photographer is within the animal. That requires a deep love of animals which Carol has.Award winning…Carol has a way of finding the “sweet spot” which makes the most of the subject. Extremely easy to work with and always accommodating with the customer. LOVE her stuff!!

Bruce Stoliar

Picture of a dog

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